Hadley 4 months!

My tiny baby turned 4 months old on Easter Sunday!!! I cant believe how the time has flown by! She amazes me everyday! Today we sat outside and she just tried so hard to laugh at the dogs. Nana and Grandpa are moving to Houston so for the next few months they will be able to watch her grow and we are so excited about that! This past saturday she rolled over for the first time! She hates tummy time so I never tried to force her to do it, but now, everytime she is on her tummy she just rolls right over! The first time she did it, she looked at me with these huge eyes that said, “wow! I didnt know I could do that!” We also figured out that she loves other babies! Whenever a baby or kid is around, she lunges at them like she wants to give them a big hug!

We went to the botanical garden that is up the street from us and she loved looking at the plants and trees!

There was a neat waterfall that made her laugh!

Daddy time!

Aslan is huge compared to her.

Which makes Gideon a giant!

She loves her puppies!


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