Hadley 14 weeks

Jacob and I weighed Hadley this week and she is up to 14 lbs! She is so funny! She is talking away! She hasnt realized that there has been a time change, so around midnight she is wide awake. She wants to stand all the time and as always, she is all smiles! This weekend her Nana and Grandpa came into town with her Uncle Jason, Aunt Stephanie and her cousins, Alex, Riley and Rogan. Her great grandparents came in from Arkansas with Jacob’s cousins, Callie and Zane and they all just loved on her! Rogan (who will be 2 in May) kept saying, “baby. baby. baby.” and he gave her really sweet kisses! Riley wasnt as interested, but I’m sure once she is up and walking, he will want to do more with her! I think Alex was a little intimidated by her, but if I were 8, I would be too! We had a great time and loved seeing everyone.

I love nap time! She sleeps like this everyday.

She has learned how to pull up her shirt.

Sleeping in with her Daddy on his birthday

Laughing at Grandpa

Riley was taking her for a ride

Great Nana

I was doing some yard work so I stuck her outside with me and she had a blast!

(Oh, and thank you Niki for her SUPER cute outfit!)

She has learned how to kick off her shoes

She has outgrown her little bathtub (until she can sit up in it) so I put her in our bathtub with me and she loves it! She just wants to float and look up at Jacob!


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