Hadley 15 weeks

Sweet baby is standing now. All Jacob and I have to do is hold out a finger and she grabs right on and wants to stand. She is pretty good about pulling herself up too. She refuses to roll over. She’ll roll from side to side but she avoids being on her stomach like the plague. Silly baby. This week I have noticed a dramatic change in her, she is grabbing things and putting them in her mouth, she is turning her head to look at you when you are talking. She lights up when Jacob comes home (which melts both our hearts). She is so curious about what is going on around her! I keep telling her to stop growing right here and to just be my tiny baby forever!

It was rainy today and when we went to check the mail, I put her Daddy’s hat on her so she wouldnt get sprinkled on!

Its a little big…

GRRR! A bear!

Those cheeks make my day better!

Sometimes she forgets how to use the Bumbo.

We went out to celebrate Jacob’s birthday and a good friend of our birthday. She didnt want to be in her stroller.Miniature bowling!

She’s been everywhere, man.

Hadley and Leah


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