Hadley 16 weeks

Bug is so funny! She is trying to laugh all the time. It sounds like a little cough, but I’m sure she will figure out her giggle soon! She loves to stand and when I lean her against something she stands on her own, she is also pulling herself up into a sitting position now but is very wobbly when she does sit. Andrew and Cassi came into town for the weekend and Hadley loves her Aunt Cassi! She was curious about Uncle Andrew’s beard though… But we all had a good time and I am so glad they came and got to meet her! She hit another growth spurt so when we go to the doctor on Tuesday I am curious to see how big she is now!

We went to the Arboretum this week and Hadley had a good time looking at all the flowers and people! Momma got to draw and Daddy was bored the whole time!

If you click on these to enlarge them, you can see Jacob in her eyes!

She didnt know what was on his face!

These crack me up!

Thank you Cindy for her BEAUTIFUL shirt and blanket!!!!

Standing on her own!

I always say how smart she is, but really!

Happy Easter!!!!


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