Hadley 10 weeks old

Last night Jacob and I were sitting on the couch and Hadley started cooing at us. She has given little peeps before, but this was a full on conversation! She has the tiniest little voice, but it is the sweetest sound we have ever heard. She is getting over being sick, some days she feels better than others, but she is a trooper about it. These pictures are all of her in the bath, but I will add more during the week.

New Pictures:

Dancing with her Daddy

Happy Valentines Day Baby Hadley!

Showing her the puppy her Daddy got her

Tiny baby on our bed

She finally fits in this super cute dress her Aunt Stephanie got her! Just in time for Valentines Day!

Trying out her new Bumbo

I asked her if she liked her Bumbo. This was her response;

Shes trying to figure out how to get out of this thing…

She has recently discovered she has feet

Baby Popeye

Rock on!

Tiny Hiney.

She wanted to look in the bath water

She has been drooling a lot, so I was checking for teeth. I didnt feel any.

The best baby hawk I could get with as little hair that she has.

Aslan always tries to jump up to see where we hid Hadley so I showed her.

This is Hadley trying to figure out what Aslan is

She was not amused that I put bubbles on her head.

This is her, “seriously, you did this to me mom?” look


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